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Whether you're a seasoned bike commuter looking to make your trip more efficient or a first time rider looking to get fit and doesn't want to hassle with car racks, our line of pavement bikes has you covered. Our legendary ability of merging performance and portability has hit the road in a whole new way.
Allston folding bike open


The Allston is the perfect commuter with all the bells and whistles: belt drive, internal gear hub, RackStand, and hydraulic disc brakes.

Urban Folding Bike Open


The Boston brings back the basics as the first single speed folding bike with standard 700c wheels.

Crosstown Folding Bike Open


The Crosstown is a seven-speed comfort oriented hybrid, ideal for bike paths, light commuting, and comfort riding.


Tektro disc brakes, a carbon fiber fork, and 28mm tires position the FIT among the industry’s best endurance road bikes.

Navigator Folding Bike Open sm


Fast like a road bike, built for the commute, and ready for the gravel, the Navigator rides like the wind and folds to fit where needed.

Urban Folding Bike Open


The Urban delivers 21-speed road performance and hauling capacity on a budget.

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