Montague engineers have developed a multitude of unique features that set our folding bikes apart.
CLIX Quick Release Logo

CLIX Wheel Release System

All Montague bikes come equipped with the new CLIX Wheel Release System. The CLIX System was designed to make removing and installing your front wheel easier and faster than ever. For more information on the CLIX Wheel Release System check out www.clixqr.com.

CLIX wheel quick release
VRC Montague Folding Bike Logo

Vibration Reduction Curve

The Vibration Reduction Curve (VRC), found on the Montague pavement line is designed to dampen road vibrations, making the ride smoother and more comfortable. By curving our double top tube frame, we were able to disperse road vibrations in a way that reduces unwanted feedback in the handlebars and saddle area.

VRC Curved Top Tube on Montague Folding Bike
F.I.T. Folding System Logo

Folding Integrated Technology

Each bike frame is built around our patented FIT system. This design eliminates the need to break the frame in order to fold the bike. Not only does this make folding easier, but it makes our bikes the strongest folding bikes on the market. Unlike other folding bicycles, you will not sacrifice performance for folding. Read more >>

FIT Folding System Frame Closeup
Folding Bike Frame Power Angle Logo

Power Angle

Found on all Montague frames. The power angle is designed to help boost energy transfer to the rear wheel by greatly increasing the torsional rigidity of the bottom bracket. The result is a folding bike frame whose stiffness is unrivaled.

Power Angle on Folding Bike Frame